What kind of therapy is DBT? What does a DBT informed program look like?

DBT has three main components which include individual therapy, skills group, and phone coaching. Individual therapy for our program involves weekly to twice weekly individual therapy sessions. Our skills group includes weekly group therapy sessions. These group sessions are essential to the success of the therapy. The skills group focus on important skills including mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. Clients are asked to call their therapist for skills coaching prior to engaging in hurting themselves. This allows the therapist to help them utilize alternatives to self-harm or suicidal behaviors.

DBT is different from other forms of therapy because it is the individual therapist who is “in charge” of the treatment. The individual therapist coordinates with other providers. The therapist in collaboration with the client also monitors how treatment is progressing and how treatment is going with everyone else involved in treatment.

Parents/guardians/responsible adults are an essential component to our DBT informed therapy program for adolescents receiving treatment. If you are the parent/guardian/ or responsible adult for an adolescent in the FFCP DBT informed therapy program there is an expectation that you are an active participant in the group therapy sessions.